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Monday 15 Jul 2019

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Calci and its history

Calci and Valgraziosa

The Charterhouse of Calci (ancient monastery - XVII sec.)

A few kilometers from Pisa, nestled in a large valley on the southern slope of Mount Pisano, known as Valgraziosa, there are a number of villages which together form Calci that is at the heart of a large natural amphitheater, full of running water, surmounted by woods and generous olive trees from the summit of Mount Pisano down towards the Arno. These villages stretching between two rivers and their tributaries, and grew thanks to the ability to use water as a driving force. In this way, until the end of the last century, Calci was the industry of Pisa. Currently Kicks is a farming town, gathered around the church of SS. John and Ermolao covered by terraced olive groves, near the bottom, while the top, surmounted by the Monte Serra of 918 mt., Covered with pine and chestnut. From the top you can admire beautiful landscapes ranging from the city of Pisa, 9 km away., Tuscan Archipelago. Not far from the country we have the Certosa di Calci (open) complex consists of the monastery, the guesthouse, the church and the cloisters, dating from the fourteenth century, but rebuilt in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Unit Ministry of Valgraziosa, is inserted in the Vicariate of Pisa Nord-Est and has as its territory the calcesano that extends from the plain of Gabella, the Court of Nicosia and to the peaks of the Monti Pisani between the wart and the Monte Serra, including then the municipality of Calci and its fractions: Castelmaggiore, the Hill, the Court, La Gabella, Montemagno, Nicosia, Sant'Andrea Lama and Three Hills. A valley of great traditions, culture and history characterized by the natural beauty of the olive trees and the two streams of Calci and Zambra Montemagno that have made the fortune of the old village, for its mills and water mills; natural beauty that you can enjoy , walking and cycling rising from the plain to the summit of Monte Serra, through the trails marked by the CAI, until you reach the Spuntone of Santallago. In the valley, in addition to beautiful Pieve Calcesana, is known for the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie in Three Hills, patron saint of the Monti Pisani, and the splendid Certosa, also home to the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa. The Carthusian Monastery, founded in 1366, the Certosa di Calci Pisa is located in an area of ​​great landscape value, once said "Pretty Valley", about 10 kilometers from Pisa. Suppressed as a result of the Napoleonic laws in 1808, the Certosa passed to the state property but continued for a long time to host the Carthusian Order which left her permanently only in 1972. Depending on the type applicant in houses of the Order founded by St. Bruno, the Carthusian monastery is divided into buildings devoted to productive activities managed by lay brothers, and in rooms used by the Fathers, devoted exclusively to prayer, whose life is divided between the time devoted to solitude, spent in the cell and in the cloister, and that devoted to community life, played between the church, the chapter and the refectory. The current appearance of the Certosa is the result of successive phases of expansion and growth of the complex that was the subject of radical transformations especially from the third decade of the seventeenth century, coinciding with the sanctification of St. Bruno, decreed in 1623. Over to the Department of Environmental, Architectural, Artistic and Historical Heritage of Pisa, the Charterhouse is now almost entirely visible.



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