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Saturday 15 Jun 2019

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Siena EN

Written by Enrico Lanfossi. TPL_WARP_POSTED_IN Bed and Breakfast Gli Olivi



  •     Municipal Library Intronati


State Museums

  •     national Gallery
  •     National Archaeological Museum of Siena
  •     Museum of tablets Biccherna at the State Archives

Municipal museums

  •     Public Palace and museum
  •     Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala

Diocesan Museums

  •     Museo dell'Opera del Duomo
  •     diocesan Museum

University Museums

  •     Museum of the Academy of Fisiocritici
  •     Botanical Garden of Siena
  •     Historical Museum of the University of Siena

Museums of the districts

  •     Museum of the district of Valdimontone

other museums

  •     Museum of the Society of Performers Pie Provisions
  •     Museum Bologna -Buonsignori
  •     Papesse Palace (now closed , once a center for contemporary art )
  •     National Museum of the Antarctic Felice Ippolito


List of major films that have had Siena as a set :

  •     Palio
  •     The girl of the Palio
  •     Brother Sun, Sister Moon
  •     Bonnie and Clyde Italian
  •     With eyes closed
  •     Tea with Mussolini
  •     A Chinese in a Coma
  •     Five Moons Square
  •     James Bond 007 - Quantum of Solace : During the Palio of August 2007, 14 cameras have taken over the event for the scenes of the James Bond 007 - Quantum of Solace [12] . The city was again the set of the film in April 2008 during which filming took over the roofs of some houses in the center of Siena for one of the action scenes of the film, released in theaters around the world in November 2008 , in which James Bond is intent to pursue his enemy during the Palio . The filming on roofs, in which the same Daniel Craig (James Bond ) took part , were carried out using four cable -cam so that a more dynamic action of the film. Were also carried out in May of 2008 the film clapperboard other in the historic center of Siena in which were recreated moments of the Palio.
  •     The gruff Adriano Celentano
  •     Virgin Territory - Do not you taste ... it bites ! David Leland
  •     The Last Victory by John Appel
  •     Letters to Juliet Gary Winick


  •     Theatre Rinnovati
  •     Teatro dei Rozzi
  •     Center for Contemporary Culture Court of Miracles